Order Space

A Space can be ordered via SmartDesk: Order Space

Grant permissions

When the Confluence Space is created, the respective orderer and the deputy person specified become the Space Owner. 

At this point, only the Space Owner and the deputy have access.

The permissions must be assigned by the Space Owner.

Permissions vs. restrictions

Permissions give access, restrictions limit individual pages within these permissions.

Space Permissions Overview

Page Restrictions

Access group "Anonymous"

If the Space is to be publicly accessible, the rights can be assigned in the Space Permissions under "Anonymous Access".

Caution: It is not advisable to give write permissions to anonymous access.

Access group "All ETH users"

If a Space is to be accessible for all ETH users, there is a group. The group is called "confluence-users" and can be added in the Space Permissions under "Groups".

Thus, all ETH accounts have access after login.

Other security groups from active directory

All security groups from Active Directory can be used in Confluence. These are synchronised during the night.

Getting started Guide from Atlassian


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