• This information is addressed to users and Permissions Managers and describes the process for getting access to a tenant on LeoMed in the context of a BioMedIT project.
  • The BioMedIT documentation is the authoritative documentation on the process. This page only provides a brief summary.


Users from BioMedIT projects get access to a LeoMed tenant via the BioMedIT portal. In brief, the user needs to log in to the portal and create a portal user account (if not done in the past). Then the project's Permissions Manager can add the user to a portal project. This will automatically trigger a request with the LeoMed support team, which will create the LeoMed user account and will get in touch with the user.

It is recommended to take the SPHN/BioMedIT Data Privacy and IT Security Training before working with sensitive data in the BioMedIT network.

Actions required by the User

If a user has never logged in to the BioMedIT portal, they first need to create a portal user account. The user should log in to the BioMedIT portal (https://portal.dcc.sib.swiss/) via their SWITCH edu-ID account (see the BioMedIT documentation GL-002 Creating a SWITCH Edu-ID). On the first login to the portal, the user will be prompted to create a username. 

Once the portal user has been created, the Permissions Manager can proceed with adding the user to the portal project.

Actions required by the Permissions Manager


These instructions assume that there exists a dedicated project on the BioMedIT portal. If this is not the case, the Project Leader needs to request one first (see Requesting a project at the BioMedIT portal).

Once a portal user account is created, the project's Permissions Manager needs to add the user to the portal project at https://portal.dcc.sib.swiss/ (see WI-004 BioMedIT Portal User Management and SOP-003 User Management SOP). There, the Permissions Manager can also assign and change a user's roles (such as the Data manager role; see WI-011 Assigning user roles on a project). When the Permissions Manager has added a user to the portal project, a ticket with the LeoMed support team is automatically triggered. The support team will provide user access to the requested LeoMed tenant. If further information is needed (for instance to create an ETHZ guest user account, to whitelist external sources, or to create SSH access for the user), the LeoMed team will reach out with a request for further information (see Requesting user access to LeoMed).