Images can be searched via a map, provided they contain geodata (longitude and latitude). As this is not the case in all catalogues, this option is not available everywhere. Please also note that not all images in a catalogue can be found on the map. 

The map is located in the view on the far right.

In catalogues with many images, the data must be loaded first. While the loading is progressing, the number on the left side of the map is ascending. 

The closer you zoom into the map, the more dots (=images) become visible. The colours distinguish the quantities of images. 

red = over 100 images

yellow = between 10 and 99 images

green = between 1 and 9 images

blue = single image

To access an image, click on the blue dot (single image). A thumbnail of the image opens with additional information. 

Clicking on this image finally takes you to the information view in the catalogue.

To return to the map view, click on the "x" on the right-hand side. 

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