After an initial meeting where the customer explains his requests and E-Pics presents its service, the Service Level Agreement needs to be signed by both parties. Only then a catalogue is set up, and we train the customer in how to use the software and provide them with basic information concerning image management.

Together with the customer, we customize the catalogue in a way that enables them to manage their images in the best possible way. If the customer would like a frontend to display their images either publicly or for a certain group of people, the next step consists of defining the relevant information (download options, zoom viewer etc.), according to which the frontend will be set up. Depending on the workload, it may take up to 3-4 month until the frontend can go live. 

Both during the migration or initial import of images and afterwards, Team E-Pics supports its customers in all inquiries concerning image management. 

We only show external image collections on E-Pics in cases where there is a clear connection to ETH Zurich. Interested parties please contact Team E-Pics

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