There are two search slots: 

The general search searches all visible record fields of the displayed images. Here you can work with search operators and search for the contents of individual fields (see below).

In the categories search, only categories, but no records, can be searched. No search operators are used. 

General search: Suggestions

Keywords are automatically suggested when entering search terms. 

General search: Restriction by category

With the drop-down on the left of the general search, the search can be restricted to a specific category. 

At the same time, the categories open on the left, where you can see the selected category as well. 

General search : Stanadard entry (AND)

Several terms in a row are automatically searched with AND: Search term A Search term B

General search: Phrase search

A phrase search (exact order of search terms) is made with inverted commas: "Search term"

General search: Search for an exact term 

If you want to search for an exact term, you need to use inverted commas: 'Search term'

General search: OR

If you enter several search terms with || at least one entered term is found (OR): Search term A || Search term B

General search: Exclude terms (NOT)

With - (minus sign) terms can be excluded (NOT): -Search term

Advanced Search in selected record fields

In the general search, the name of the record field can be prefixed in the search field. This allows you to search specifically for a term in this field.

Note: All catalogues have different record fields. Sometimes the record names differ only minimally. The record names must always be entered in the language in which the page is displayed (Change language). In this case, please check e.g. in the information view how the record names are displayed, because they are not translated in all catalogues. 

Record name: Search term 

→ In this case, the word stem is searched in the specific field (truncated).

Example: title: Lausen

Apart from "Lausen", every title containing this term will be found , i.e. also "Klausenpass", "Niklausen" etc. 

Record field=: Search term

→ The exact term is searched for in this field. 

Example: title=: Lausen

In this case, only the exact matches for "Lausen" are found in the title field. 

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