The Research Collection is the source for publication lists in ETH Zurich's academic reporting, the Annual Academic Achievements.


In order for your publications to appear in the Annnual Academic Achievements (AAA) the following requirements must be met.

  • The publication must be assigned to the correct organisational code/unit AND the organisational code/unit must be either assigned directly upon submission by an authorized person or later confirmed by an authorized person (see below for more information).
  • A green tick behind the name of an organisational indicates that it has already been confirmed.

View confirmed organisational code

  • The publication must have been written or edited at ETH Zurich, meaning that the content of the section "ETH Bibliography" must be yes.
  • The formal publication date ( OR the online publication date ( must equal to the year of the academic report.
  • If a publication has already been reported in the previous year's report, it will not show up again in the current year's report even if it fulfills the 3 criteria mentioned above.
  • Additionally, the following publication types are generally not displayed in the AAA: Presentations, Patents, Research Data


The heads of the organisational units under obligation to report via AAA are automatically authorized to confirm organisational codes in the Research Collection. They can also delegate their authorization to other members of ETH Zurich.

Instructions: Delegation of AAA authorizations in ETHIS

Submit publications

When you are authorized to edit a report in AAA and confirm organisational codes, each time that you submit a new publication to the Research Collection and assign it to your organisational unit, the code will be confirmed automatically and the publication appears within the next three hours in AAA wihout any further action.

Instructions: How to publish

Add organisational codes

If a publication in the Research Collection is not yet assigned to your organisational unit, you need to assign your organisational code/unit to the publication in order for it to appear in your AAA report.

This is the case when a publication has been imported automatically into the Research Collection from Web of Science or Scopus.

Instructions: Add organisational codes

Confirm organisational codes

If a publication in the Research Collection is assigned to an organisational unit but the unit has not yet been confirmed by an authorized person, you need to confirm the code in order for the publication to appear in your AAA report.

This is the case when the publication has been submitted by a person without AAA authorization or when the publication has been imported via batch import.

Instructions: Confirm organisational codes

Undo confirmation organisational codes

If you do not want to display an already confirmed publication in your AAA report, you can undo the confirmation by clicking on Remove confirmation.

View Remove confirmation

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