This instruction is relevant for Annual Academic Achievements (AAA) and web (AEM) editors.

The ETH Library constantly imports references from the databases Web of Science and Scopus that were written by members of ETH Zurich. These are primarily journal or conference papers. Consequently, it is quite possible that your entries may already be in the Research Collection. In such cases, however, the organisational code of the organisational unit has not yet been entered.

You need to add the organisational code for a publication to be displayed on your website or in your academic report.

To confirm organisational codes that were already added when entered but not confirmed, see the instruction Confirm organisational codes.

Manual adding organisational code

  • Sign in to the Research Collection with your ETH user account.
  • Search the publication you are looking for (i.e. author, title, publication date).

View start page Research Collection

  • Click on the Edit symbol and choose the option Add Organisational Code.

View edit symbol

  • Enter the code or the name of the unit you are looking for into the search field and click on the name of the unit to add it to the publication.

View search field

  • The code has been added. The publication will appear in your publication list or annual report.

View added organisational code

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