Step-by-Step guide

Step 1: Link your ORCID iD to your ETH person profile

  • To be able to assign your ORCID iD to publications in the Research Collection, you need to first link your ORCID record to your ETH profile.
  • In order to do so, please log in to the Addresses and Personal Data application.

 View Addresses and Personal Data

  • In your profile, click on "link ORCID iD"  and log into Agree to its import. The ORCID link will then be created automatically.
  • If you do not have an ORCID iD yet, you can register on for free in the same step ("link ORCID iD").

View link ORCID iD

View added ORCID iD

Your Research Collection user profile is updated over night. Therefore, once you have connected your ORCID iD to your ETH profile, you will need to wait for the next day in order to use the features described in steps 2 and 3 in the Research Collection.

Step 2: Assign your ORCID iD to publications in the Research Collection

  • Sign in to the Research Collection with your ETH user account.
  • Click on "Assign ORCID iD" in the left hand navigation under the "Publish" heading.

View Research Collection navigation Assign ORCID iD

  • The list displayed on this page shows publications that contain your name in the author, editor or another contributor field.
  • Use the checkboxes to select an item and then use either the “Assign ORCID iD” button to assign your ORCID iD to the selected item or use “Dismiss publication” which will ensure the publication doesn’t show up again in this list.

View example assign ORCID iD


Step 3: Record new publications with ORCID iD

  • To enter new publications, proceed as described on the Publication process page.
  • When entering an author name, make sure to select a variant from the suggestion list that is connected with the person's ORCID iD.

View suggestion list author names

  • If you are not sure if the suggested person / ORCID iD is the correct one, please open the "Lookup".
  • Here you can see more information that will help you identify the correct person.

Ansicht look up authors

Import to ORCID record

To find out how to import publications from the Research Collection into your ORCID profile, please see the page Import to ORCID record.

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