If your are organizing a conference ath ETH Zurich, you can publish the conference output (proceedings, individual papers, posters or presentations) in the Research Collection, no matter whether the authors are members of ETH Zurich or not.

Examples of conference contributions

If you are a conference organiser, please consider the following points before starting to upload conference output.

File formats for publications

Research articles should be published as PDF-Files. We recommend using PDF/A. Instructions for Creating PDF files can be found here: Creating PDF Files

Avoid special characters in names of files and folders. These characters hamper compatibility because they lead to undesired effects depending on the operating system

  • Avoid the following characters:
    • \ / ? : * " > < | : # % " { } | ^ [ ] ` ~ as well as blanks
    • Non ASCII characters such as ¢ ™ ® , umlauts (ä ö ü), diacritics such as à é ô etc.
  • The following ASCII characters are permitted:
    • ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789
  • We are currently not aware of problems with the folllowing characters:
    • ! $ & ' ( ) + , - . ; = @ _

Authors' declaration of consent

It is the responsibility of the conference organisers to obtain the consent of the authors and other potential contributors for publishing their works in the Research Collection. As soon as you have gotten the consent of all authors, please send an according confirmation email to research-collection@library.ethz.ch.

Authorizing a person to upload the works

Since the Research Collection's upload process is only accessible to ETH members, we recommend that an ETH staff member uploads the conference contributions on behalf of the authors. Please confirm to us via email that the resp. person is authorized to upload the contributions.

Confirmation mail template

You can use the template below to confirm both points mentioned above. 

On behalf of the “XXX Conference” Organizing Committee, I, “name(s) & title/function”, confirm that I have obtained permission from the authors to publish their conference papers electronically in ETH Zurich’s repository “Research Collection” in accordance with its Terms of Use and its Terms for submitting and using a work​.

I have received confirmation that the authors and/or their company/institution, hold copyright on all the original material included in their paper or that they have obtained permission from the copyright holder of any third-party materials, to use and publish their material.

In addition, I authorize "name" to upload the conference contributions on behalf of the conference organizers resp. the authors.

For and on behalf of “name of the conference”

Name(s) & title/function​​


Contributions from Non-ETH-members will be marked as "Non-ETH-Publications", e.g. they will be tagged with «no» in the field «ETH Bibliography».

Conference videos

These should preferably be published on the ETH video portal, see Conference videos for more information.

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