Video portal

For the publication of lectures in the form of videos we recommend the Video Portal of ETH Zurich. Please follow the documentation for the distribution of videos. Videos published via the video portal can also be embedded in your AEM website and/or published on the ETH Youtube channel.

Research Collection

Reference item

Conference presentations published on the Video Portal can be entered as "Metadata Only" items in the Research Collection and linked to the Video Portal. Please record the entry as "Other Conference Item".


The publication of videos in the Research Collection is possible in principle, but with restrictions: Video streaming is not supported, nor can the videos be embedded in an AEM website.

If you still decide to publish conference presentations in the Research Collection, please upload the conference video as "Other Conference Item" and link it to the corresponding "Conference Paper". As relation type please choose "is supplement to".


Alternatively, you can upload the video as an additional file to an open access "Conference Paper" (example). We do not recommend this option, however, because no separate license can be granted for the video, which therefore must be published under the same license as the paper.

If a video is published on behalf of a third party (e.g. by a person authorized by the research group to do so), the following should be noted:

  • For videos in which only slides are visible, a general upload authorization for the designated person by the research group leader is sufficient. Please send this general upload authorization once to
  • For videos with a visible presenter, if uploaded by a third party, proof must be provided for each video in the form of a personal email or form stating that the person agrees to the publication of their video in the Research Collection. If the video is to be published under a Creative Commons license, the licensing must be explicitly mentioned in the consent form. Please send this individual consent form from the presenter to before each video upload.

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