The Research Collection was certified with the CoreTrustSeal in September 2023.

What is the CoreTrustSeal?

CoreTrustSeal is an international non-profit organisation that promotes the development of sustainable and trustworthy data infrastructures.

The organisation publishes a catalogue of 16 requirements for trusted data repositories.

Certification procedure

The certification procedure is based on a self-assessment against the 16 requirements. The requirements cover technical as well as organisational and policy aspects. The certification procedure contributes significantly to identifying and closing existing gaps in these areas.

The self-assessment is reviewed and evaluated by two CoreTrustSeal reviewers. For successful certification, the majority of the 16 criteria must be verifiably assessed as "fully implemented".

The complete result of the self-assessment for the Research Collection is available as a PDF file on the CoreTrustSeal website.

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