Libdrive - Service for FAIR-compliant publication of large data packages

The libdrive service enables the open access publication of data packages with a volume of more than 50 GB via the Research Collection repository.

Each dataset published via libdrive receives a landing page including a DOI and metadata in the Research Collection. The data itself is linked from the landing page and made available for download via a specific ownCloud instance.

You can find all information about uploading your data packages via libdrive on the Upload instructions page.

Access rights

All research data published via libdrive is freely accessible. Restricted access rights are not possible.

Data volume

There is no limit to the amount of data that can be published via libdrive. However, please keep in mind that the used storage space causes ETH Zurich costs in the long run and therefore make a conscious choice which data you publish. In addition, divide the data into sensible units so that downloading via the Internet is possible regardless of location.


ETH Library offers publication of data via libdrive as a free service for members of ETH Zurich. It is possible that in the future storage costs will have to be charged to the research groups. Any charging of storage costs would not be applied retroactively to data that has already been published.

Retention period and long-term preservation

  • The guaranteed retention period for research data published via libdrive is 10 years.
  • It is possible that data that continues to be regularly used (downloaded) when the retention period expires will continue to be published beyond the agreed retention period.
  • If the data is deleted after the guaranteed retention period, the landing page in the Research Collection incl. DOI remains and informs about the time of de-publication.
  • If they are still at ETH Zurich, the data producers, otherwise their research group leader or another person designated for this purpose, will be informed about the procedure to be followed when the retention period expires.
  • Data from libdrive will not be archived in the ETH Data Archive.
  • If long-term storage of important data is desired, it is the responsibility of the research groups to find a solution for this. The Research Data Management and Digital Curation group of ETH Library offers advice on this topic, and the respective IT support (ISG or ID Services for Departments) arranges access to the corresponding storage facilities of the IT Services (including free long-term storage).
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