The following table lists the metadata schema of the Research Collection.

Journal Article

Author/Creator LastName, FirstName

Miller, Max


Miller, Diana; id_orcid 0000-0003-1391-9991

ORCIDid is exported together with Author
Editor dc.contributor.editorLastName, FirstName

Doe, Jane


Doe, Thomas; id_orcid 0000-0001-6444-9104

Organisational unit ethz.leitzahlA 5 digits number (Leitzahl) from the Organisatonsdatenbank00060
ORCIDid Editordc.contributor.editor.orcidXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXORCIDid is exported together with Editor
Certified Organisational unitethz.leitzahl.certifiedA Leitzahl that has been certified by an authorized person00060
Title dc.title 

Publication Date YYYY

or 2012-05
or 2013-04-30

PID dc.identifier.uri the publication's Identifier in Research Collection
Source ethz.source Where was the entry imported from

ECOL for E-Collection
FORM for Manual submission
WOS for Import from Web of Science 

E-Col PID ethz.ecolpid Identifier of E-Collectioneth:50050
E-Cit PID ethz.ecitpid Identifier of E-Citationspub:129410
E-Pub DOIdc.identifier.doi DOI of the Publication in Research Collection or ETH E-Collection

E-Collection: 10.3929/ethz-a-010786543 
Research Collection: 10.3929/ethz-b-000000455

Publisher DOI dc.identifier.other A DOI that has been assigned by a publisher (not Research Collection)10.1007/11557432_10
URNethz.identifier.urnFree Text starting with urn:urn:nbn:de:kobv:b4-opus-25174
URL ethz.identifier.url
ISBN dc.identifier.isbn A 10- or a 13-digits number


WoS ID ethz.identifier.wos 

Identifier at Web of Science

A 15 digits number


Scopus IDethz.identifier.scopus 

Identifier at Scopus

An 8-11 digit number

PubMedCentral ID ethz.identifier.pubmed Identifier at PubMed27898947
arXiv IDethz.identifier.arxiv 

Identifier at arXiv

Free Text starting with arXiv:

ETH Diss No. ethz.identifier.diss a 5 digits number, used only with Document type "Doctoral Thesis"22997
Patent No. ethz.identifier.patent only used with Document/Resourc-Type "Patent"WO2014083538
Nebis System No. ethz.identifier.nebis  A 9 digits number000054409
Internal Identifierethz.identifier.internalAny internal identifier the publication might have (free text).
ORCIDWorkCodeethz.identifier.orcidWorkCodeThis number is filled out automatically, as soon as the publication is imported via ORCIDid36391692
Publisher dc.publisherName of the Institution that published the publicationElsevier
Publication place Place of the publisher 

Scottsdale, AZ

Data Repositoryethz.repositoryName of an external data repository hosting a dataset.Dryad
Online publication date Date on which the work was published online.2005

or 2012-05
or 2013-04-30

Publication status ethz.publication.status Refers to the original publication, not the deposit copy accepted published unpublished
Date deposited

Shows the Date, on which the item was submitted


Deposit version ethz.version.deposit Describes which Version of the Publication is submitted into Research Collection. "Original work" is used if one submits a work for which Research Collection will be the main publication outlet. The other versions are used if f the submission is a copy of an already published work.Original work
Submitted version
Accepted version
Published version
Updated version
Availability ethz.availability 

Describes the availability of the whole record.

"Metadata only" is used if no attachment is available.

Open Access 
ETHZ users 
Selected users
Closed access
Metadata only
Embargo end date Date on which the Embargo endsin 2 years: 2019-01-31 
Retention period end date Date on which the Retention period ends (10 years, 15 years or indefinite)

10 years for a submission on 2017-01-31: 2027-01-31

License dc.rights.license End user license or copyright statement

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

License URI dc.rights.uri URI of the license or copyright statement

dc.contributor.contactPerson(.orcid) dc.contributor.dataCollector(.orcid) dc.contributor.producer(.orcid) dc.contributor.projectLeader(.orcid) dc.contributor.projectManager(.orcid) dc.contribtuor.projectMember(.orcid) dc.contributor.relatedPerson(.orcid) dc.contributor.researcher(.orcid) dc.contributor.researchGroup(.orcid) dc.contributor.rightsHolder(.orcid) dc.contributor.Supervisor(.orcid) dc.contributor.other(.orcid)

There are different types of contributors

All contributor-types (except supervisor) are only used for research data document types.
Supervisor is only used for Theses

Smith, John


Smith, Martin; id_orcid 0000-0001-6258-5858

Subtitle ethz.title.subtitle text
Alternative title dc.title.alternative text
Book title book's title in which the e.g. Book Chapter was published
Journal or series title ethz.journal.title The journal's title in which the e.g. Journal Article was publishedJournal of Phonetics
ISSNdc.identifier.issn International Standard Serials number = Journal identifier0095-4470
Abbreviated Title ethz.journal.abbreviated official short form of the Journal titleJ Phon
Volume number ethz.journal.volume 
Issue number ethz.journal.issue 
Start page ethz.pages.start 

start page of e.g. Journal article/Book Chapter

or Article number 


or L00678

End page ethz.pages.end end page of e.g. Journal article/Book Chapter205
Size ethz.size 
30 GB 
Format dc.format 
Edition / Version ethz.version.edition 
2nd edition
Methods ethz.description.methods Only applicable for Research data document types
Software Only applicable for Research data document types
GeoLocation ethz.geolocation Only applicable for Research data document types
(Place, Latitude, Longitude)

London; 51.51; -0.118

Date collected applicable for Research data document types
Date or Date range
or 2017-05
or 2017-05-31
or 2016-11-05/2017-02-22
Date created applicable for Research data document types
Date or Date range
or 2017-05
or 2017-05-31
or 2016-11-05/2017-02-22
Language dc.language.isoISO 639-1 language codesen
Abstract dc.description.abstract free text
Subject dc.subject subject-related keywordsGlobal warming
Tagethz.tag non-subject related keywords (owner notes)Review completed
DDC code ethz.code.ddc a 3 - 5 digits number, chosen from a list

or 621.3

JEL code ethz.code.jel Classification for economic publicationsB12 (=Classical (includes Adam Smith))
Eventethz.event Conference, workshop etc. where a paper/poster was presentedInternational Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering
Event location ethz.event.location Location of the EventDelft, Netherlands  
Event date Time the Event took place (Date or Date range)2012-05-16
or 2012‐03‐01/2012‐03‐05 
Additional notes ethz.notes  free text
Project/Grant ethz.grant 

If this pulication is an outcome of an ETHZ-, EU- or SNF-funded Project:

Name of the project/grant

Cluster Categories and Triangulations - FRANCO
Grant agreement no.ethz.grant.agreementno 
Funder name ethz.grant.fundername corresponding name of institution giving the grantSNF
Funder DOI ethz.grant.funderDoi corresponding funding body DOI from FundRef Registry10.13039/501100001711
Program name ethz.grant.program corresponding program nameSPONSOR_PROG_D
Related Publications or Datasets 

ethz.relation.isCitedBy ethz.relation.cites ethz.relation.isSupplementTo ethz.relation.isSupplementedBy ethz.relation.isContinuedBy ethz.relation.continues ethz.relation.isNewVersionOf ethz.relation.isPreviousVersionOf ethz.relation.isPartOf ethz.relation.hasPart ethz.relation.isReferencedBy ethz.relation.references ethz.relation.isDocumentedBy ethz.relation.documents ethz.relation.isCompiledBy ethz.relation.compiles ethz.relation.isVariantFormOf ethz.relation.isOriginalFormOf ethz.relation.isIdenticalTo ethz.relation.isReviewedBy ethz.relation.Reviews ethz.relation.isDerivedFrom ethz.relation.isSourceOf[DOI]
Record last modified Date the record was last submitted/edited 2016-09-21T08:40:55Z 
Change all Dates, on which the item was submitted or edited


and 2016-09-21T08:40:55Z

Editing Status ethz.edit.statusinternal status of the qa-workflow QS1 – Not verified
QS2 – Under verification
QS3 – Copyright clarification
QS4 – Technical analysis
QS5 - Verified
QS6 - Approved
QSN – Not to be approved 
ETH Publication ethz.eth 

Shows if at least one author or editor was a member of ETH Zurich when the research for this publication was conducted.

or no
Old URIdc.identifier.olduriFormer persistent URL of merged items 

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