The following table lists the different publication types in the Research Collection with their definition and display in AEM and AAA.

What doesn't belong into the Research Collection?

The Research Collection records publications and other research output by employees as well as selected works by students of ETH Zurich.

Outreach activities and unpublished works are not part of the collection profile. Therefore, please do not enter

  • panel discussions
  • conference sessions that you have organised
  • unpublished reports
  • programme booklets

and the like. In the Annual Academic Achievements, such activities and content can be recorded in the qualitative section, on the websites you can enter it as free text.

Main type

Subtype (dc.type)


Displayed in AEM Publications component and in AAA

Journal Contributions

Journal Issue

Complete edited issue of a journal or a whole journal with various issues.yes
Journal ArticleA scholarly text, which is published in or accepted by a print or e-journal, magazine or a special issue.yes
Review ArticleAn article summarising the current state of research in a specific field which includes numerous bibliographic references.yes
Other Journal ItemAnother contribution to a print or e-journal, magazine or special issue (e.g. editorial, comment, letter to the editor, meeting abstract, conference summary,…).yes
Conference Contributions

Conference proceedingsCollection of conference papers and talks, from a conference or a workshop.yes
Conference PaperA paper presented at a conference or a workshop.yes
Conference PosterA visual stand-alone display of research results at a conference or workshop.yes
Other Conference ItemAnother contribution to a conference, e.g. an abstract or presentation slides.yes

MonographA specialist book on a single subject or an aspect of a subject.yes
Edited VolumeA collection of chapters written by different authors.yes
Book ChapterA defined chapter or section of a book, usually with a separate title or number.yes

Doctoral ThesisA dissertation accepted by ETH Zurich in completion of a doctoral study programme.yes
Habilitation ThesisA thesis accepted by ETH Zurich in order to graduate for a professor’s degree.yes
Master ThesisA thesis accepted by ETH Zurich in completion of a master's programme.yes
Bachelor ThesisA thesis accepted by ETH Zurich in completion of a bachelor's programme.yes
Working Papers / Reports

ReportA research, statistical or technical report issued by or at the ETH Zurich.yes

Working Paper

Preliminary version of an article that has not undergone review but that may be shared for comment. Certain disciplines, for example economics, issue working papers in series.yes
Other Publications

Book ReviewA critical description, evaluation, or analysis of a book, especially one published in a newspaper, in a book, in a journal or online.yes
Encyclopedia EntryAn entry in a reference work or compendium.yes

Newspaper Article

An article in a daily, weekly or monthly publication reporting on news and social issues aimed at the public.yes
Student PaperA student paper or semester thesis which was recommended to be published by a Professor.yes
Other PublicationAny other publication, that does not match any publication type in this list. e.g. blog entries, radio intervies, video tutorials etc.yes
Educational MaterialEducational MaterialMaterial characterised by its educational purpose. May be text, audiovisual or other material.yes
PresentationsPresentationA lecture, presentation or talk given on a particular subject. However, if the presentation/talk/lecture was given at a conference use "Other Conference Item".

yes (AEM) / no (AAA)

PatentsPatentA patent or patent application.Yes (AEM) / no (AAA)
Research Data

Data Collection

An aggregation of resources of various types.
E.g. a collection of samples, of various files making up a complex dataset etc.


Data encoded in a defined structure, e.g. a CSV file, a matlab file etc.



Images, drawings or photographs.


An abstract, conceptual, graphical, mathematical or visualization model that represents empirical objects, phenomena, or physical processes.
E.g. modelled descriptions of different aspects of languages or a molecular biology reaction chain.


A computer program in source code (text) or compiled form.
E.g. software supporting research.


E.g. an audio recording.


May be used for films, video etc., with or without sound.

Other Research DataOther kinds of research

*Video streaming is currently not supported. Video files will be provided for download only. Please consider publishing on ETH Zurich's Videoportal if you require streaming.

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