There are currently two options how to publish a new version of an existing publication or dataset in the Research Collection.

Option 1 - Link new and previous version

You can upload the new version of your paper or dataset as a new item to the Research Collection. The new item can be linked to its previous version via the field "Related publications and datasets".

Example: is a new version of

Both items are linked with each other:

View linking new version

Option 2 - Add an additional file

You can also upload a new version as an additional file to an existing item.

In order to do this, proceed as described on the page Add full texts/datasets and enter "Additional file" in the "Reason for new version" field.

The updated file can be labelled "updated version" or similar.


This item contains two versions of the publication:

View two versions in one entry

No new version of examination papers

Please note that according to the respective ETH regulations, all examination papers (Bachelor or Master Thesis, Doctoral Thesis, Habilitation Thesis) must be published in the version accepted by the examination boards. Therefore, new versions of examination papers will not be accepted for publication in the Research Collection.

Replace full texts/datasets

After the publication of an entry, it's generally no longer possible to replace uploaded full texts/datasets according to the terms of use of the Research Collection. Please consult the page Replace full texts/datasets for more information.

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