What research data can you publish in the Research Collection?

  • All types of research data can be published in the Research Collection with the exception of research data of certain types of sensitive data.
  • The Research Collection offers the following publication types for research data: Data Collection, Dataset, Image, Model, Software, Sound, Video and Other Research Data.
  • We do not recommend uploading files larger than 10 GB in the Research Collection. Each entry shouldn't exceed a total of 50 GB. Several entries can be linked to a parent Data Collection. Larger datasets can be published using our service libdrive.

Why publish your research data in the Research Collection?

  • The Research Collection is the Institutional Repository of ETH Zurich and a free service for ETH members.
  • It is aligned with the FAIR data principles according to SNSF guidelines.
  • The repository is accepted for publishing supplemental material by renowned scientific journals.
  • It supports linking the data to other publications in the Research Collection (Journal Articles, Conference Papers, ...).
  • It supports Web upload, DOI-reservation and registration, ORCID iDs and export to OpenAire.
  • Entries are preserved long term in the ETH Data Archive (except for data deposited via libdrive).


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