Export search results (RIS, BibTex, CSV)

For futher use with a reference management software you can export search results as a RIS- or BibTex file. For further use with Excel or similar spreadsheet programs you can download a CSV file.

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Import to ORCID record

You can transfer your Research Collection publications to your ORCID profile via DOI import.

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ETH Zurich websites (AEM)

In the AEM web content management system web editors can generate and embed publication lists from the Research Collection.

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Annual Academic Achievements (AAA)

The Research Collection is the source for publication lists in ETH Zurich's academic reporting, the Annual Academic Achievements.

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Scientific Search Engines (OAI Harvesting)

For the integration in scientific search engines Research Collection data can be harvested via an OAI PMH interface.

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"Build your own integration" (ETH members only) (REST interface)

Organisational units of ETH Zurich can reuse Research Collection data via a REST interface. Please contact us for further information.

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