In the Research Collection adjustments on published publications can only be made by using the "Suggest edit / Report Duplicate" function. For adjustments for your own publication, please also use this function if your submission is completed.


  • Sign in to the Research Collection with your ETH Username.
  • Search the publication you are looking for (i.e. title, publication date).

View start page Research Collection

  • Click on the Edit symbol and choose the option "Suggest Edit/Report Duplicate".

View edit symbol

  • Use the form to report a change request for this item.
    • Correcting content: To suggest a correction, edit the field’s content.
    • Adding a metadata field: To suggest an addition, choose the metadata field from the dropdown at the end of the form and add the required content.
    • Deleting metadata field: To suggest a deletion, use the button next to the field you suggest to remove.

View form

According to the terms of use deleting of uploaded full texts/data is not possible anymore after the publication in the Research Collection. However, you are welcome to publish a new version or an erratum/corrigendum in addition to the already existing fulltext/data. Please use the contact form if you have any questions.

  • When you are done, click “Send suggestion” to submit your suggested edits.

View send suggestion

  • Your suggestions are sent to the ETH Library and will be reviewed within the next two working days.

View suggestions sended

Publications that have not yet been released by you have the following notice in the Research Collection:

You can complete and publish the submission by clicking on "New Submission" in the left-hand menu list, select the item from "Drafts & Submissions under Review" and using "Edit".

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