The SuperMegaBot is a four-wheeled robot consisting of the driving base and the payload.

The RobotX center has a total of four SuperMegaBots, designated SMB261, SMB262, SMB263 and SMB264. 


  • Separate power for the base and the payload, thus allowing driving of the robot without powering up the payload.
  • The SMB has an emergency stop system, consisting of a button on the robot itself and a wireless hand held device.
  • External components can easily be powered from the payload's power system with the option to cut power when the emergency stop is triggered.
  • The payload is designed splash water proof and has been tested to sustain hours of mild rain (< 1mm / h)

Use it for your project!

You can use one (or more) of the SMBs for your project! Check out the online calendar if there is a robot available.

The integration of an additional payload is rather simple thanks to the groove plate on top of the payload:

Mobile manipulator Panda from FrankaEmika on top of the SuperMegaBot

If you're interested in using one ore multiple SMBs, please contact Thomas Mantel.

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