E-Lending login

A login comprising a username and password is required for use of the E-Lending service.

  • ETH alumni, library customers and guests who are not members of ETH Zurich:
    Please contact the library staff at the ETH Library Infocenter in person to authorise your swisscovery account for E-Lending. If you have not yet registered with swisscovery, please do so here in advance.
  • Customers who already have a login for the research stations at the ETH Library:
    you can use this login for the E-Lending platform, and will not need to register separately.
  • Members of ETH Zurich:
    do not use the E-Lending service, but access licensed e-books in the ETH network.

Please note that no other university logins are valid.

E-book search

The E-Lending content can be found by searching in the ETH Library @ swisscovery research portal.

Filter the search results with the “Data source” function on the left-hand side:

For a search in E-Lending only, you can set the filter "ETH E-Lending" to persistent by clicking on the "Remember all filters" button. 
List of all e-books available via E-Lending

Alternatively, you can use the advanced search to search specifically for e-books available for borrowing.

If you would like to see details (table of contents, etc.) of the selected e-book, click on the title of the book. Then click on the link “Access via E-Lending” to borrow the book.

You will now be taken to the ProQuest platform. Customers who are not members of ETH Zurich will need to choose the option "SWITCH edu-ID via SLSKey" from the dropdown. You will need swisscovery account authorised for SLSKey to log in.

You can now read the e-book online, download individual chapters permanently as a PDF or borrow the whole book for up to eight days.

Four options are available in the navigation for online reading:

Please note that the loan length may vary depending on the book.

E-book loan

Full download (max. eight days)

You can download e-books to your computer, which will enable you to read them offline during the loan period. You can also save individual chapters permanently.

All e-books are available in PDF format, and some also in ePub format. Please select the required format. (More information about ePub from the

International Digital Publishing Form).

Technical requirements


You will need to install the free software Adobe Digital Editions in advance in order to be able to read the e-books on your computer or notebook.

Adobe Digital Editions

Would you like to read e-books from our E-Lending service while on the move? You can download and read e-books using the Bluefire Reader app.

iTunes (iOS 8.2 or later), Google Play (Android 4.0 or later)

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