Freely accessible information can be used by all customers regardless of IP address.

Please note the following aspects when using the paid electronic media:

Network-dependent access

Direct access is only possible from the network of ETH Zurich:

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  • 2001:67c:10ec::/48 

In all other cases, Public VPN or alternatively must be used.

Check whether the IP address for your computer is within the ETH Zurich network structure: Check your IP address

For access via an external provider you should also use Public VPN or

Access to databases and e-journals with password

In exceptional cases, a user ID and password are required for access to databases and e-journals. Members of ETH Zurich will find the corresponding information in the protected area: Login information for databases and e-journals. Please log in using your ETH login. External customers should contact the library staff in person or via e-mail to

Legal information

For fee-based electronic media, the ETH Library has licence agreements with the respective providers that stipulate terms and conditions of use based on aspects such as copyright law.
The following applies in general to the use of these media:

  • The full texts must only be printed or saved for personal use and for research purposes. Use for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  • Systematic downloading of articles, e-books or other full texts, as well as search results, in particular by robots or similar software, is prohibited.
  • Articles or other electronic media may not be passed on to third parties or made publicly accessible, either electronically or in printed form.
  • Third party use is also uploading licensed content or data to external platforms, specifically ChatGPT or other AI platforms, where storage and future use are controlled by third parties. 
  • Passwords and other access data are confidential and must not be made known to third parties.

Fast and convenient literature search

Click on the link resolver button (ETH Get it) in a database or the Online Resource link in the ETH Library @ swisscovery to access a service page with further links for options for obtaining the required document.

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