Since latest Windows updates of October 2021 there are many reports of problems when printing from Client Windows computers which are not connected to the ETH D-domain. There are problems with installing printers as well as problems with printing. Installation of printers is no longer possible in many cases, where an installation error 0x0000007c is received or access is denied despite the user having the necessary access rights. Printing from Adobe Reader freezes the Adobe Reader at 0% progress mark. Printing with IPP lacks the comfort of point and print installation and driver update and forwarding of printer settings from the server, but according to tests avoids the above mentioned problems. This method should be seen as a workaround, to be used temporarily until the problems with standard printing over SMB protocol have been fixed. In particular driver updates initiated on the server are not forwarded to the clients when using IPP.

Another way to print PDF files on Pia printers equipped with Print release by ETH-card function is through webprint for students and for coworkers.

Installation of IPP Printer

In Windows Search function type Control Panel.

Within Control Panel, go to View Devices and Printers.

Click on Command Add a Printer, then click on The printer that I want wasn’t listed.

In the following dialog, select second option Select a shared printer by name, and write the IPP-Networkname of the printer into the input-field, for example

To print on public printers for students, write

To install a printer on Hönggerberg, type

Within the following dialog Enter Network Password, D\username and password need to be entered. Use the same password as for reading your email. Username and password will be stored encrypted within Windows Credentials Vault.

If the corresponding printer driver is already installed on the PC, the printer installation terminates at this point. Continue with Device Settings, described at end of this article. Otherwise, following driver installation dialog is shown.

In Add Printer Wizard Dialog, continue by pressing button Have Disk…

In Install from Disk Dialog, press Browse… button.

In File name: input field, enter following: \\\id_bd_printing_drivers\windows

Enter your AD username (same as for email) and password in the following Credentials-dialog. It is not necessary to check Remember my credentials button.

Within Locate File Dialog, select folder HP-driver for a HP printer, which has a name of the form p-xxx-hpnnn, x being any letter (the ETH building), n being any number, or card-hp, or card-stud. For the older Nashuatec-printers having a naming like p-xxx-y-nn, representing the office address, or card-ethz, select folder Ricoh-driver, and in the followup dialog, select folder disk1, later select file RICSETUP64.

Go back to the dialog Install from Disk, which is still open. Press button OK.

For HP-printers following driver selection pops up next. Select HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.9.0).

For Ricoh-printers the driver selection dialog shown is as follows. Select RICOH PS UniversalDriver V4.32.

Finally the new IPP network printer is installed. Pressing Next leads to last dialog with the option to print out a test page if desired.

For HP printers, within Printer Property's  Device Settings Tab, set Device Type to Color. For Staple and Punch support, set option Stapling Unit to 2 Staple Unit, and option Punch Unit to 2/4 Holes.

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