This applies to all self-managed endpoints (servers and clients) on which the product 'Sophos Anti-Virus' from the IT store is installed. 

From mid-2023, the current Sophos virus scanner will reach 'end of life' and will no longer be supported by ETH Zurich. From then on, no more Sopos updates will be delivered and affected end devices will no longer be adequately protected. 


In order to continue to comply with the requirement of the BOT and IT guidelines (see link below) and to ensure basic protection on your own device, ETH Zurich recommends using the antivirus solution of the respective operating system.

Instructions for the removal of the Sophos Anti-Virus agent 


  1. Open Windows Services.
  2. Select and stop Sophos AutoUpdate Service.
  3. Go to Programs and Features and uninstall the Sophos components in the following order:

    • If the component is not listed, it may not be installed. Proceed with the next component.
    • A prompt to restart the computer will appear after uninstalling Sophos Exploit Prevention.
    1. Sophos Remote Management System
    2. Sophos Network Threat Protection
    3. Sophos Client Firewall
    4. Sophos Anti-Virus
    5. Sophos AutoUpdate
    6. Sophos Diagnostic Utility
    7. Sophos Exploit Prevention or Sophos CryptoGuard (on a Server)
    8. Sophos Clean
    9. Sophos Patch Agent
    10. Sophos Endpoint Defense
  4. Restart the computer.


Unter Linux: 

Instructions for activating the anti-virus solution of your operating system 




Information regarding the ETH basic security regulations:

Update: IT Guidelines and IT Baseline Protection Rules of ETH Zurich


Please contact us via SmartDesk, Email  or by phone +41 44 632 77 77

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