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Requests, failure reports and repairs

Please contact us via email or phone +41 44 632 77 77

Service Information and Update

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Service description


A regular data backup is now a indispensable part of IT. The infrastructure required for regular data backups is no longer a expensive and difficult process this it can be provided to all. Data backup and restoration is based on the IBM’s Tivoli storage management system which provides a pure backup. The possibility of a “disaster recovery” does not exist. Therefore, it makes no sense to backup the entire system. So long as the data is not already located on a central storage system, it is sufficient to configure the backup client’s user directory. Furthermore, the amount of data being backed up is reduced, this the backup can perform faster.

Customer Benefits

The service provides protection against data loss by daily, automatic backup of the systems files and databases.

  • The specific period for which the data is retain for is specifcied in the policies (retention time). The retention period is 90 days.
  • Individual files, entire system file systems and data bases can all be restored from the backup database.
  • Restoration of data is performed by the customer who also receives daily backup reports.

Customer Groups / Cost / Order

For whom is this service intended for?

Internal ETH member: Researches, teaching staff, employees, IT administrators and providers of other IT services

External ETH members: Researches from other research institutions and ETH related units.


The billing model continuously under review and will be publish by IT Services at the appropriate time.

How do I report my host on the Data Backup and Restoration service?

To register, the form must be filled in.

What are the requirements?

The data can be reliably backup in accordance with the SLA of the backup client during the selected backup window.

How is the data secured?

The backup data is secured in two stages:

  • The individual client data is password protected
  • Client-​side encryption is offered for sensitive data
  • The backup data is stored in a secure room
Quality assurance

The customer receives daily backup reports and is responsible for informing the IT Service Desk of faulty backups.

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