The mailbox has reached the quota and it is no longer possible to send mails.


Determine the mailbox size in OWA

  1. Log in to Outlook Web Access ( with your "ETH username and password for e-mail (Active Directory)".
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and select "Options".
  3. Now open the section "General" on the left and select "My Account".
  4. At the bottom right you will see the size of your mailbox:

Mailbox clean up

Keep your mailbox slim and your client performant:

  • Delete Spam, newsletter, advertising mails and old system messages.
  • Save large attachments locally and delete the email.
  • Clean up the sent objects
  • Delete old calendar items

Emails which are older than 60 days, read and not in the folder “Deleted Items” can be deleted. These emails will still be available on your mail archive.