The document camera ("visualizer") provides you with an alternative to the blackboard which will be visible in a digital recording. It can be loaned out for daily use in seminar rooms where you can connect to the projection system via HDMI.

Starting the document camera

When folded up, the document camera is automatically switched on. Otherwise, the unit can be started manually with the button in the head of the camera.

Settings in the room control system

In order to project the image, the document camera must be selected as a source in the lecture hall control. It can be found under DEVICE as Docu Cam. The image from the document camera is now on the projection and in a possible recording.


There is bright white A4 paper in the base. Of course, you may bring your own paper, also to add prefabricated content. However, it is important that the paper is bright white and placed horizontally, as this corresponds to the format of the projection and the recording.

A vertical orientation, on the other hand, reduces the legibility of the content. In addition, only the pens in the base of the document camera should be used for the sake of readability.

Control screen (UI)

The control screen with various functions is located in the camera head:

Menu item «A4»

The "A4 function" can be used to set an overall view of a horizontal A4 document.

With the help of the zoom wheel, the clipping can be adjusted to the desired size. This way, objects can also be depicted in detail.


By default, the autofocus is activated. However, for writing on the paper, the autofocus should be deactivated to fix the focus on the paper.


By tapping the "snowflake", the current image is frozen so that changes cannot be seen on the projection. To unfreeze it, the button must be tapped again.


Explanatory video

  • Example for the use of paper (ETH login required)
  • Example for the use of an object (ETH login required)

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