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Service Information and Update

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OS X 10.13.6 and following versions

Common issues

Due to compatibility issues between MacOS SpoolSS (SMB) and the SMB implemenation on Windows Server, we recommend using IPP instead of SMB.
If you are affected by issues since the Windows Server upgrade (September 25th pia01.d.ethz / October 2nd or unable to print after upgrading to Sonoma, we recommend using IPPS.

The drivers are available at: 


You can install the Follow-Me queue card-stud with this shell command (copy the entire line and paste it into

Card-stud (available on all student printers)

card-ethz with IPPS
lpadmin -p card-stud-IPP -D "card-stud IPP" -E -L "ETH cloud" -m "/Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/HP Color MFP E87640-50-60.gz" -o HPOption_OutputBin=HP3BinMailbox -o HPOption_BookletMaker=True -o HPOption_HPFoldingOptions=MultiFold -o HPOption_HPStaplerOptions=HP2StapleUnit -o HPOption_HPPunchingOptions=HP24HolesUnit -o HPOption_Tray4=HP520SheetInputTray -o HPOption_Tray5=HP520SheetInputTray -o HPOption_Tray6=HP3000SheetInputTray -o HPColorAsGray=BlackInkOnly -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble -o PageSize=A4 -o MediaType=Plain -o PageRegion=A4 -o ImageableArea=A4 -o PaperDimension=A4 -o HPBookletPageSize=A4 -o auth-info-required=username,password -v ipps://

After a fresh installation, the first job might fail, this can be fixed by deleting the job and resuming the queue. The next job should work.

How to add a Printer to your personal device (macOS):

Installation via the System Control panel

Requirements and restrictions

Steb-by-step guide:

Open System Preferences and then select 'Printers & Scanners':


Click on the plus symbol in the lower left-hand corner...


Press the Control key and right-click the tool bar, select

'Customize Toolbar' in the menu that appears.


Use the mouse to drag the option 'Advanced' onto the tool bar. Close the dialogue window by clicking the "Done" button.


Click on "Advanced".
Configure the printer as follows:
Type: Windows printer via spoolss
Device: Another Device
URL: smb://
Name: freely selectable, e.g. "card-stud"
Location: freely selectable
Use (Select Software...): HP Color MFP E87640-50-60

Complete the installation by clicking the "Add" button.


Select the required printer and open "Options & Supplies...".


Configure the printer as follows:

Tray4: HP 520-Sheet Input Tray

Tray5: HP 520-Sheet Input Tray

Tray6: HP 3000-Sheet Input Tray
Optional Output Bin: HP 3 Bin Mailbox
Stapling Unit: 2 Staple Unit

Punch Unit: 2/4 Holes

Folding Unit: Not Installed

Booklet Maker Unit: Not activated

Close this window by clicking the "OK" button.

The actual installation is now complete. When sending your first print job you will be asked for your login details, the AD login is needed here.

Optionally, the password can be saved in your keychain, which is done by ticking the checkbox "Remember this password in my keychain".


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