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Please contact us via SmartDesk, Email  or by phone +41 44 632 77 77

Service Information

Order Software

  1. Visit the IT Shop ( and log in with your ETH username and password for web applications. (lightbulb) More information about the ETH Username and password
  2. Click on Software & Licenses and complete the order process
  3. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the process has been completed in the background. This may take a few minutes. In the case of paid software, the process is not completed until the respective budget manager has approved the order.

A detailed video guide on how to use the IT Shop can be found here: Video Guide IT Shop

Download Software

In the Knowledge Base of the IT Shop you will find instructions on how to download the software.

Installation Instructions / License

  1. In the IT Shop ( under "My Products" you can see all orders you have placed.
  2. Click on the desired software to see the installation instructions for the software and the license key or license file (if available).

Service description


The IT Shop is a centralised portal that allows ETH members to obtain Self service IT and management services. These include on the one hand IT products such as software licences, print credit and other IT services such document storage, virtual machines or the use of web applications.

Customer Benefit

The IT shop allows ETH members to access IT services at any time, independently from anywhere. Furthermore, it always ensures that process specification, such as the financial regulations are complied with.

Customer Groups / Cost / Order

This service is available to all ETH members. Information which is relevant for authorisation is obtained from CPR databases and paid orders are processed by the central financial applications (ETHIS/SAP).