This page describes how to integrate a shared mailbox via IMAP with different clients.

Not suitable for Outlook.

General information

<> - User means the ETH username or the login name (UPN) of the user.
SharedMBXAlias means the alias name of the shared mailbox (= ETH-Username, e. g. ti12345), not the e-mail address.

Incoming messagesProtocol IMAP
User name<>
Server name

Security typeSSL/TLS
Outgoing messagesProtocol SMTP
User name<>
Security typeStartTLS

Step-by-step guide

This description may vary depending on the client and version. However, the principle is identical.

In the overview of the mail accounts select "Set up an account: Email".

Fill in the fields as described below:

Your name: "Shared mailbox name".

Email address: "Email address of the shared mailbox".

Password: "Password of the user, with corre-sponding permissions".


Thunderbird will now automatically attempt to determine the mail server configuration.

Do not (!) wait for the process and immediately select "Manual config".


Modify the lower half of the screen according to the following specifications:

Incoming: IMAP
Server hostname:
Port: 993 SSL: SSL/TLS
Authentication: Normal password

Outgoing: SMTP
Server hostname:
Authentication: Normal password

(Incomming) Username: <>

(Outgoing) Username: <>

Then select "Done".

The mailbox will then appear as a new entry in Thunderbird.

In the settings, open "Accounts" and select "Add account".

Then select "Other".

In the next selection, select "Add mail ac-count".

User name: <>
Password: "Password of the authorized user".

Benutzername: <>
Password: "Password of the authorized user".

Syntax explanation

<> - User means the ETH username or the login name (UPN) of the user.
SharedMBXAlias means the alias name of the shared mailbox. (Not the e-mail address).

The starting point is that you have already set up your personal account.

Add a new account in the menu "Mail" - "Accounts..." select "Add Other Account..." and then "Mail account...".

Name: Display name of the shared mailbox

Email Address:

Passwort: Password of the authorized

Click «Sign In».

Now fill in the following fields.

User Name:


Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:

And click «Sign In».

After waiting a moment please click on
"Next" button.

Deactivate "Notes" and
Click "Done".

If necessary, close the window for a new password request with "Cancel".

Fill in "Description", the name is used for local differentiation from the personal mailbox.

Close the window.

Open menu "Mail" - "Preferences...".

Select the entry of the shared mailbox,
then switch to the "Server Settings" tab.

For "Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)", deactivate "Automatic manage connection settings".

At "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)".
"User Name" remove the "/SharedMBX".

Click on "Save".

Now "Verifying Server Settings" appears

Close the app via menu "Mail" - "Quit Mail" and start it again.

Updated screenshot on 29.03.2023

Recently, "Password" must be selected under Authentication.