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Requests, failure reports and repairs

Please contact us via email or phone +41 44 632 77 77

Service Information and Update

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General Information

Access your mail archive: Mailarchive - Web Access


  • No item will be deleted from the mailbox.
  • The most common item types are archived (emails, contacts, appointments), not just emails.
  • Items older than 30 days are copied to the mail archive.
  • Online archive with a full text search.
  • There is no quota for archives.
  • Access is browser independent.

Conditions and restrictions

  • Deleted items will not be archived.
  • Unread items will not be archived.
  • Future and recurring appointment will not be archived.
  • The mailbox must be hosted by the central IT Services at ETH Zurich.
  • If the mailbox belongs to a student, then the student must have other working connections with ETH Zurich (association, etc.)
  • There is no forward/redirection set on the mailbox.
  • Once a mailbox has reached its quota, it is technically no longer possible to archive it.

Important links:

Mailarchive - Web Access

The help and documentation can be found in the archive directly under the question mark Icon.




I have received an email that my mailbox is now being archived daily. However, I am unable to access my archive via and I even receive an error message.It may be that you (still) do not have any archived items. If you use POP to download all your emails from server to client, nothing can be archived on the server.
When I try to access the mail archive via I get the error message “Unable to search, no access authorization to Vaults.”The reason is that no items have been copied from your mailbox into the archive, and you there-fore have no “Vault” which you could search through. This happens when you download emails from the server via POP or when you do not have any read and non-deleted emails older than 30 days in your mailbox.
Why do I see the archives and folders from other people on the web browser?The mail archive inherits the permissions from Exchange. If you are permitted to see a folder or are set as delegate, you are be able to see this particular folder/archive. You can create groups to hide these archives.
Will old emails be deleted from my mailbox?No emails will be deleted from your mailbox. It is therefore to your own advantage to periodically rid your mailbox of older emails (at least once per year). You can safely delete anything in your mailbox older than 30 days, since these items have already been archived (barring certain exceptions, see below).
Will my tasks and calendar data be archived?

Archiving includes all items in your mailbox which:

• have been read

• are older than 30 days

• have not been deleted (in “Deleted Items” folder)

Will my contacts be deleted from the mailbox?No items will be deleted from your mailbox.
Who else, besides the archive administrators can see my archived items?Basically only you are entitled. However, if you gave somebody (via Outlook or Entourage) access rights to certain folders in your mailbox, this person will be able to view your archived items.
Will I be able to use the mail archive service after my departure from ETH as well?No, this service expires together with your ETHZ user name.
Does the archive have a function to export data?No, this does not exist, if you need an export of your archive just open a mail ticket ( mail to

Does the archive allow full text search of email attachments? If yes, for which for-mats?All popular formats are indexed, which allows for searching through all kinds of attachments.
I work with POP and “leave mail on server”. Since archiving, emails appear on my client twice.After archiving, emails on the mail server receive a new flag. The POP client thinks there is a new email to download, and downloads it once again on the client, which means that you now have two copies. Change the settings of your email client by deactivating the option “leave mail on server” or by limiting the length of time for emails to remain on the server to less than 30 days. Only items older than 30 days are archived. An additional possibility would be to switch to IMAP.
I cannot restore items to my mailbox. The restore process displays an error mes-sage.

Check the web interface ( under Preferences > Exchange Account to make sure that an exchange server and a mailbox have been configured.
• For Exchange Server, enter the name of any of our Exchange hosts, e.g. MBX110.
• For Mailbox, enter the address of the mailbox that you wish to restore to, e.g. <ETHZ user name>

How can I know if an Item is archived or not?

Service description


The mail archive service creates a copy in the archive store of all the mail items (emails, calendar entries, notice, etc.) that are read, not in the “deleted objects” system folder, and whose modification or expiration date is older than 30 days.

The archive store is a separate storage system, which does not allow any modification of the archived mail items. The store can be searched through a web interface and archived items can be restored into the mailbox.

The mail archive inherits the permissions from the mailbox: if other people have access rights to a mailbox, they have access to the archive of the mailbox.


Delete private emails within 30 days, then they will not be archived.

Customer Benefits

The mail archive service offers a simple (because automated), virtually unlimited and inexpensive storage option for mail items.

The mail archive service is a critical service for business at ETH Zurich and it has the appropriate ETHZ controls and functions.

The service is available worldwide through all major web browsers.

Customer Groups / Cost / Order

The service is free of charge and is automatically available for each ETHZ mailbox hosted by ITS User Services (BD) with the exception of mailbox from student with no other connection to ETH Zurich (associations, etc.).