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Service Information

From 20 April, MFA will be activated.

General Information

Access your mail archive: Mailarchive - Web Access


  • No item will be deleted from the mailbox.
  • NEW: Only emails and appointments are archived. 
  • NEW: Items older than 60 days are copied to the mail archive.
  • After 10 years, the objects in the archive are deleted.
    The deletion process can be suspended via the IT-Shop.
  • Online archive with a full text search.
  • There is no quota for archives.
  • Access is browser independent.

Conditions and restrictions

  • Since November 1, 2021, access to the Mail Archive ( will require a request via IT-Shop.
  • Since November 1, 2021, external access (ETH-external) from the Internet to the Mail Archive will only be possible via a VPN connection.
  • Deleted items will not be archived.
  • Unread items will not be archived.
  • Future and recurring appointment will not be archived.
  • The mailbox must be hosted by the central IT Services at ETH Zurich.
  • If the mailbox belongs to a student, then the student must have other working connections with ETH Zurich (association, etc.)
  • There is no forward/redirection set on the mailbox.
  • Once a mailbox has reached its quota, it is technically no longer possible to archive it.

Important links:

Mailarchive - Web Access

The help and documentation can be found in the archive directly under the question mark Icon.

New: Projekt Mail Archive

All information about the project Mail Archive can be found here::  Project Mail Archive - IT Knowledgebase - Confluence ( 

New: Archiving rules for mail objects

New: Questions and answers about mail archiving at ETH Zurich 

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