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Thunderbird configuration

The Thunderbird mail client is available for various operating systems (Linux, Mac, Windows). The configuration is very similar in all cases. The following information describes the configuration of an IMAP mail account under Windows, which should be similar on most other systems.

After starting Thunderbird, you will see this standard view. On the right-hand side, you can set up a new mailbox under "Accounts" – "Create a new account" – "Email".

In this dialog box, select "Skip this and use my existing email".

Enter your mailbox details and click "Continue".

Thunderbird will now try to determine the mail server configuration automatically.

Do not wait (!) for the process to finish, but select "Manual config" immediately.

Enter the following details in the bottom half of the screen:

Incoming: IMAP
Server hostname:
Port: 993
Authentication: Normal password

Outgoing: SMTP
Server hostname:
Port: 587
Authentication: Normal password

Then click "Done".

Your mailbox will be displayed as a new entry in Thunderbird.

To access your mailbox configuration, right-click the respective entry in Thunderbird and select "Settings".

Configuration of the account settings

Configuration of the IMAP connection to the server.

Configuration of the SMTP connection to the server.

Configuration of the SMTP connection to the server.

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