Run a quick microphone test before each lecture or event, especially in case of recordings, streaming and web conferencing.


All lecture halls and selected seminar rooms at ETH are equipped with microphones.

The minimum configuration consists of a headset, depending on the room a combination of headsets and handheld microphones is available. The maximum number of possible microphones can be seen in the room equipment section of room information. Some lecture halls also have a permanently installed throwable microphone (catchbox).

For further information on the number or type of microphones available, please contact the lecture hall support MMT Zentrum or Hönggerberg (for contacts, see right).

Headset and handheld microphone

For most events in the lecture hall, the use of the headset is recommended. The hands remain free and the sound quality is consistent even with head movements.

The handheld microphone is suitable for moderations, short inputs or taking questions.

The headsets and handheld microphones are placed in a charging station. After use, they must be returned there so that they are recharged and ready for use by the next user.

The green LED lights on the charging station indicate the charging status of the microphones. Make sure that the LEDs for each microphone are lit (or at least one is flashing) - otherwise it is not plugged in correctly.

For use a microphone, just take it out of the charging station. After a few seconds, it is connected to the lecture hall system and ready for use.

The status of the microphone is indicated by an LED light, both on the handheld microphone and on the top of the headset transmitter:

  • Green LED: The microphone is active and ready for operation.
  • Red LED: The mute function of the microphone is activated. A short push on the button of the handheld microphone or headset transmitter unmutes the microphone.
  • LED blinking green and red: The microphone is not correctly connected to the lecture hall system and must be placed in the charging station again for a few seconds.
  • LED stays dark: There is a problem with the microphone. Please place the microphone in the charging station, inform the lecture hall support and switch to another microphone if possible.


The catchbox is a throwable microphone that can be used to quickly receive audience questions in an uncomplicated manner.

A permanently installed catchbox is available in the following lecture halls:

Zentrum: HG F1 / HG F7 / HG E7 / ETA F5 / ML D28
Hönggerberg: HCI G3 / HCI J7 / HIL E1 / HPH G1 / HPH G2 / HPH G3

The catchbox is ready for use as soon as it is removed from the charging station. It can now be carefully thrown to people in the audience, who can speak into the foam cap on the top at a distance of 10-20 cm. After use, please place the catchbox back on the charging station.

If you want to use the catchbox in another lecture hall than the ones mentioned above, you can borrow one via MMT-Shop.

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Lecture hall support MMT Zentrum

Lecture hall support MMT Hönggerberg