On this page you will find helpful information and news about Microsoft 365 and teams.


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Helpful content

First steps with Microsoft 365

  • Subscription in the IT Shop
  • Installation on your computer
  • First login and use of the services

All about Microsoft Teams

  • Get an overview about Teams
  • Videos that explain the most important functions
  • Support and FAQs.

Provisioning App

  • Create a new team yourself 
  • Points to observe
  • Step by step instructions


  • Deepen your knowledge 
  • Link to video training from Microsoft 
  • Information about courses with our training partners

Data protection and security

  • What data is allowed in the cloud? 
  • Where does Microsoft save my data?
  • How is information security regulated?

Set up and use of apps in Microsoft 365

  • Which apps are available?
  • What are the individual apps useful for?
  • Timeline for the activation of further apps.