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Requests, failure reports and repairs

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Service Information and Update

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Service description


Corporate Mobile Network (CMN) is an additional service for mobile phones at ETH Zurich, complementing communication. It is managed through the section ITS ICT-​Networks. The fees will be passed on to the originator. The services are described in the general terms and conditions of CMN. Rates are negotiated at regular intervals with the service provider ensure value for money.

Customer Benefits

The service offers increased mobility and accessibility to eligible ETH employees.

Customer Groups / Cost / Order

  • The service is exclusively available to ETH Zurich employees.
  • Within the Central Bodies, the directive " Corporate Mobile Network (CMN) of the Central Bodies (ZO)" regulates the use and financing of mobile telephony (resolution of the Executive Board from 9 July 2019).
  • The costs are listed in the file CMN ETH Rates.
  • Applications for a CMN subscription must be recorded in the CMN tool and require the signature of the budget manager (incl. financial element for ETH internal clearing).
  • In the CMN tool the subscriber can view and export their bills and usage statements to an Excel document.

 CMN for the central bodies (ZO)


The directive "Corporate Mobile Network (CMN) of the Central Bodies (ZO)" regulates the business and private use of the CMN, for a device provided for telephone accessibility, by employees in the Central Bodies of ETH Zurich. The corresponding policy was put into effect by the Executive Board on 9 July 2019.

Directive "Corporate Mobile Network (CMN) of the Central Bodies (ZO)"

The most important points of the policy are briefly summarised as follows:


All employees of the Central Bodies with permanent employment contracts will have the opportunity to apply for a CMN subscription from ETH after the probationary period. The decision as to which persons are entitled to use the service and which usage category they are assigned to lies with the respective department or staff management. They also decide on the allocation of subscriptions and/or equipment for employees with temporary contracts in their area.

ZO user groups of ETH Zurich for the CMN (PDF, 144 KB)

Publication of mobile telephone numbers

The telephone numbers of the CMN subscriptions – with the exception of VIP numbers – are made available for operational purposes/needs. This is done via a password-​protected platform.


The performance for the mobile telephony service is described in the general terms and conditions, the tariff overview and the policy for central bodies employees.

When using the CMN, we differentiate between two categories:

Category 1
This category includes the top management levels (personal use) as well as group and dedicated on-​call mobile phones (non-​personal use).

Category 2
Category 2 CMN use is intended for the following employees:

  • Employees who need to be reachable a lot of the time, even outside of regular working hours
  • Employees with on-​call duties, or those who need to be reached in the event of an alarm
  • Support staff who are not in their own offices for a significant amount of their work time

The "no-​policy" and "ETH-​Rat" (ETH Board) guidelines pertain to organisational units outside of the central bodies.


Any costs incurred by ETH for the CMN subscriptions are covered in full by the respective units. The responsibility for financing and cost monitoring lies with the person responsible for the financial element.

It is expressly indicated that ETH Zurich's CMN tariffs do not include any device subsidies, so it is not possible to obtain discounted devices.

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