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Requests, failure reports and repairs

Please contact us via email or phone +41 44 632 77 77

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Auditorium to auditorium transmission

Transferring events from a transmitter-​auditorium into one or more receiving lecture halls.

A/V checkout service

Free equipment loans for recording or playback of audio and video for students and organisational units at ETH Zurich.

A/V infrastructure consulting and planning

Consulting and planning of audio/video infrastructure in lecture halls, seminar rooms and meeting rooms.

Digital signage

Infrastructure and support for the operation of information monitors, electronic door signs, and video walls.

Event recording

Manual recording of events, conferences and lectures at ETH.

Lecture recording

Automatic recording of events, conferences, and lectures in specifically equipped rooms at ETH.

Technical support in auditoriums

Technical support in auditoriums and seminar rooms of the rectorate.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing service with presentation transmission from the workplace, small and large meeting rooms, and specific lecture halls.

Video distribution

Video publications on the ETH video portal and on ETH websites. Live streaming during event recording.

Video production

Creating videos for documenting projects, the ideas of individuals and institutions or the visualization of scientific facts.