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Requests, failure reports and repairs

Please contact us via email or phone +41 44 632 77 77

Service Information and Update

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Service description


PostgreSQL is a relational database management system largely compliant with the SQL standard ANSI-​SQL 2008. PostgreSQL is fully ACID compliant (including the data definition language) and supports extendible data types, operators, functions, and aggregates.

Typical applications are web servers with database back-end, evaluation or simulation programs on PCs or workstations with database access.

Customer Benefit

Many business-​critical applications use an SQL database in the background to manage their data. We take care the database hosting in our environment and you can fully concentrate on the development and administration of your application. There is no need to deploy your own PostgreSQL installation and you can benefit from our database know-​how.

We also handle all operational tasks such as maintenance, regular backups, monitoring, and support.

Customer Groups / Cost / Order

We host databases for all ETH-​internal organizational units and departments.

A PostgreSQL database is free of charge. Additional costs may incurre if you need support during the initial database implementation. For this we charge a one-​time rate of CHF 500. This includes any consultation meetings and, if necessary, telephone support during the implementation. Any further work will be charged at CHF 120 per hour.

New Postgres databases can be ordered via the form and questions can be sent to

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