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In addition to the rollout of the UC Web Client on the workstation computer, the migration also includes the removal of the hardphone on the workstation. Employees who cannot or do not want to migrate (yet) will keep the same service as before. (The hardphone remains on the workstation and nothing changes).

The UC Web Client serves as the basis for the new telephone services. This can be started with the Chrome, Edge or Safari browser. (Firefox at the moment not yet)


Several browsers support the UC Web Client.

  • Windows: Microsoft Edge (recommended), Goggle Chrome.
  • Apple Macintosh: Google Chrome
  • MAC Safari: >= V12
  • Linux: Google Chrome
    (Firefox is not supported)


A migration to UC can be ordered either via Phone Control Center or via IT Shop.


After the order has been executed, the users receive an invitation e-mail with the link to the softphone and the access data.

For security reasons, users are prompted to change their password when they log in for the first time.

In exceptional cases, no e-mail is sent. However, a login is still possible by resetting the password of the OpenScape UC softphone in the Phone Control Center and then calling the softphone with the Web Client link.

After the setup, each user receives an e-mail informing about a conference. This e-mail is setup-related, can be ignored and deleted.

Occasionally it happens that no invitation mail is sent although the migration was executed properly.

The UC softphone can be started via the Phone Control Center under the OpenScape UC with the Open web client link and then reset under Password reset.


UC Settings

To enter the settings, first click on the name in the upper right corner and then on Setting.

Windows Audio Setting

Click on the speaker in the taskbar and select Sounds

The headset should be defined as the standard communication device and the speaker as the default device.

UC Headset Setting

Recommendation, set audio output and microphone to headset and ringtone to speaker.

Initiate calls

Answer calls

To initiate a call, you can either search for a name or enter a phone number in the input field at the top right. Internal phone numbers must be entered with 5 digits, external phone numbers with a leading 0, e.g. 00446321234.

An incoming call can be accepted with the green key, rejected with the red key or forwarded with the arrow key.

UC Desktop App / Web Client

More information about the UC Web Client and the installation of the UC Desktop App can be found in the section Extension UC Desktop App / Web Client.

UC Troubleshooting  - Q&A

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