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Service Information

Switching the login process to AD

As of 11/28/2022 22:00, your recorded Select Survey account will expire and will no longer be valid. For the further procedure please click here → LINK

Who can use Select Survey?

The survey tool Select Survey is available free of charge to employees and lecturers of ETH Zurich as well as to members of the boards of directors of student associations.

Useful help

The survey should not be public.

Login required:

When creating the survey please click on the "Access" tab under "Respondent Access Level", by "Authentication" it can be determined that a "Login Required" is necessary, but the survey participant must first have registered with Select Survey.

Anonymous with code:

For technical reasons this is not possible.

How do I transfer the authorization to another user?

  1. Select the survey that you created.
  2. Click on the "Options" symbol => open the "General" tab.
  3. Enter the registered and activated username in the "Owners" field.
  4. If a mailing list is used, also enter the new owner under "Mailinglists" => "Edit" => "Owners" after the semicolon.

The newly created survey is not yet set up, but is already saved. How can I edit the survey?

  1. Search for the survey and click on the "Design" icon with the "Brush".
  2. Then click on the "Edit" button.

I would like to send an email reminding people who have not responded yet .

  1. Search for the survey and click on the "Deploy" icon with the "Envelope".
  2. Click on the "Email lists" button below "Send Survey Invitations by Email".
  3. Click on the "Messages" icon => "Send Follow up".
  4. Activate the checkbox: «No Response - Recipients who have not clicked on or responded to the original email message».

I want to export the answers from a survey.

We recommend our users to use a predefined report.

  1. Register «Survey»
  2. «Analyze»
  3. Button «Results Overview»
  4. Dropdown Menu => «Display all pages and questions»
  5. Register «Print overview»

Export CSV:

An export into a CSV file is possible, but not recommended because the presentation.

In special cases, for surveys over 100 participants with authenticated accounts, a list of users can be imported from the Service Desk. How must it be formatted?

The format for each line must be as follows:

  • Username, password, first name, last name, e-mail address.
  • Each field must be separated by a comma.

Existing users can only be deactivated or deleted by the service desk.

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