At ETH, almost all lecture halls as well as individual seminar rooms are equipped with technology to assist people with hearing impairments. The lecture hall audio is transmitted via induction loop, infrared or radio system.

Induction loop

No additional receiver device required.

A wire loop installed in the floor of the lecture hall generates an electromagnetic field. Within this field, audio signals can be received wirelessly via hearing aids or cochlear implants, so no additional devices are needed.

The induction loop usually covers only a portion of the seats in the lecture hall. For more information, please contact the corresponding MMT support team (see contact boxes on the right).

Infrared or radio system

Additional receiver device required.

In rooms with infrared or radio systems, users need special receiver devices to which either headphones or induction loops for use with personal hearing aids can be connected.

Equipped rooms

The following list shows which technology the rooms are equipped with and where receiver devices (if needed) can be obtained.

RoomTypeTechnologySupport / Receiver devices
CAB G 11Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
CAB G 51Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
CAB G 59Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
CAB G 61Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
CHN C 14Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
ETA F 5Lecture hallRadioMMT Zentrum
ETF C 1Lecture hallRadioMMT Zentrum
ETF E 1Lecture hallRadioMMT Zentrum
ETZ E 6Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
ETZ E 7Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
ETZ E 8Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
ETZ E 9Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
GLC E 24Seminar roomInductionMMT Zentrum
GLC E 29.1Seminar roomInductionMMT Zentrum
GLC E 29.2Seminar roomInductionMMT Zentrum
GLC E 34.1Seminar roomInductionMMT Zentrum
GLC E 34.2Seminar roomInductionMMT Zentrum
HCI D 2            Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HCI D 8Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HCI G 3Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HCI G 7Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HCI H 2.1Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HCI H 8.1Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HCI J 3Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HCI J 4Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HCI J 6Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HCI J 7Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HG D 1.1Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
HG D 1.2Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
HG D 16.2Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG D 3.2   Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG D 5.2Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG D 7.1Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
HG D 7.2Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
HG E 1.1Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG E 1.2Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG E 3Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG E 5Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG E 7Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG F 1Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG F 3Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG F 30Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
HG F 5Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG F 7Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG G 3Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG G 5Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
HG G 60Multipurpose roomInfraredMMT Zentrum
HIL E 1Lecture hallInfraredMMT Hönggerberg
HIL E 3Lecture hallInfraredMMT Hönggerberg
HIL E 4Lecture hallInfraredMMT Hönggerberg
HIL E 6Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HIL E 7Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HIL E 8Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HIL E 9Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HIT E 51Lecture hallInductionMMT Hönggerberg
HPH G 1Lecture hallInfraredMMT Hönggerberg
HPH G 2Lecture hallInfraredMMT Hönggerberg
HPH G 3Lecture hallInfraredMMT Hönggerberg
HPT C 103Lecture hallRadioMMT Hönggerberg
HPV G 4Lecture hallRadioMMT Hönggerberg
HPV G 5Lecture hallRadioMMT Hönggerberg
IFW A 32.1Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
IFW A 36Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
LEE E 101Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
LFO C 13Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
LFW B 1Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
LFW C 5Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
ML D 28Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
ML E 12Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
ML F 34Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
ML F 36Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
ML F 38Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
ML F 39Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
ML H 37.1Seminar roomInductionMMT Zentrum
ML H 44Lecture hallInductionMMT Zentrum
NO C 44Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
NO C 6Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
NO C 60Lecture hallInfraredMMT Zentrum
ONA E 7Seminar roomRadioMMT Hönggerberg

ITS Service Desk

Lecture hall support MMT Zentrum

Lecture hall support MMT Hönggerberg

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