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Service Information and Update

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How to

Step 1 → IT SHOP

  1. Click on this link IT SHOP

2. Enter organization & subscription

3. On the same page, you will see the validity of your Select Survey account.

4. Click on "Submit Request

5. After 10 minutes, you will receive a confirmation email for the opening.

Step 2 → Select Survey

6. Open Select Survey → link

7. Enter and confirm ETHZ username & ETHZ password

8. Login completed successfully.

9. If you find that there are no more surveys on your dashboard, it is mandatory that we migrate your surveys to your new account. (warning)→ Please follow the further steps 10 and 11. 

(lightbulb)10. Create a new email with the required information: 

Here is an example:


Subject: Migration Select Survey Account username-ABC to username: username-XYZ

Text:      Please migrate my data to the new account.                                

(lightbulb)11. Send the e-mail to → and your surveys, evaluations, e-mail lists, etc. will be transferred to your desired account within a short time.




12. now you should have all your surveys available on your new Select Survey AD account. If you miss anything, please do not hesitate to let us know via email

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