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Table of contents:

Requests, failure reports and repairs

Please contact us via email or phone +41 44 632 77 77

Service Information and Update

Blog eintrag

Service description


Publication of videos to:

Please proceed according to the documentation (PDF, 133 KB).

Videos for Moodle can be uploaded by users according to the documentation provided by the LET.

Live streaming is available at request.

Customer Benefit

Videos is available in the desired form.

Customer Groups / Cost / Order

All organisational units of ETH Zurich can use the Video Distribution for the publication of videos. Video publication is free of charge and includes archiving of the original material until further notice.

For the publication, we request an authorisation of the customer, the disclosure of metadata and the provision of the original file in accordance with technical specifications (cf. documentation (PDF, 133 KB)). The publication takes place within two business days for up to 10 videos.

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