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Table of contents:

Requests, failure reports and repairs

Please contact us via email or phone +41 44 632 77 77

Service Information and Update

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Service description


The service “Server Management” provides virtual servers at ETH. The servers are integrated into the network zone (VPZ) of the customer. It offers virtual serves through the current operating systems from RedHat and Windows.

An additional optional service which can be provided is automatic unattended patching of the operating system after consultation (Windows and RedHat).

The applications are licensed, installed and maintained by the customer.

Customer Benefits

We offer tailored services to meet the customers virtual server needs. This service allows customers to not need to worry about the service infrastructure care, procurement, maintenance and renewal.

The host servers are secure in a climate controlled room with interruption-​free power supply and installed access.

We guarantee an infrastructure availability of over 99.8%.

Customer groups / Cost / Order

Customer groups
  • ETH Internal: School management and all departments
  • ETH Spin-​off: all Spin-​offs, as long as they have the “Spin-​off” status and not “ETH” status.

The cost of a virtual server is determined based on the resources required. The cost is charge annually. Configuration changes are automatically detected and taken into account during implementation.

Additionally, the cost of the license for the RedHat and the Windows operating systems are including in the price.


Memory in GB

Storage in GB

Cost per Year  





CHF 260 to 920





CHF 590 to 2 000

Extra Large




CHF 1 050 to 3 700

Additional expenses incurred with the customers are added into the customer's SLA.


Via the IT Shop (ITSM) under the heading "Servers and Clusters" > "Virtual Servers", a new virtual machine (VM) can be requested or an existing VM can be modified.

For problems and general support requests for an existing VM, please use the SmartDesk Incident Form for Virtual Machines. In the form under the subcategory, select the operating system "Linux" or "Windows" installed on the VM and enter the hostname and concise keywords of the request in the subject line.

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