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Requests, failure reports and repairs

Please contact us via email or phone +41 44 632 77 77

Service Information and Update

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Service description


A web container is the basis for a website. A website container is made of:

  • An Apache HTTP server
  • An IP address
  • A user
  • A data directory

Several web containers use a RedHat Linux based virtual machine. Web containers can be moved between different virtual machines quickly and easily. Activation options include:

  • A Java applications server Tomcat,
  • The authentication method LDAP and Shibboleth (AAI)
  • A MySQL database
  • The scripting languages Perl, PHP and Python

Preconfiguration: Apache, Tomcat, Perl, PHP and Python are available in the version of the operating system.

Customer Benefits

The customer can operate their own server without much knowledge of an HTTP server, from simple static websites to more complex dynamic web applications and without cost. A HTTPS requires a signed certificate.

Customer Groups / Cost / Order

Web containers are provided to ETH organisational units free of charge.

We will charge for:

  • Disk space for large amounts of data. Following the approach for network attachment storage.
  • Work which exceeds normal maintenance of the web container (e.g. installing applications).

A web container can be ordered using the application form for traditional web hosting.

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