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Webprint example

The following web address can be used to upload PDF files and then print them out on all printers.

Please note that the Webprint Portal can only be reached via the ETH Zurich intranet. If access is needed outside of the ETH network, the VPN service must be used.

Go to and use your nethz username and password to login

In order to upload files, click the "Hochladen" (upload) button.

Click "Durchsuchen" (search) and then select the desired document, which you want to print out.
Documents and formats that can be uploaded are PDF, HTML, TXT and PS.
Graphic formats that can be uploaded are BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG and TIFF.

After making a selection click "Hochladen" (upload) to upload the document.

If the upload was successful, a confirmation will be displayed.

To continue you will need to click the button "Zurück" (back).

The uploaded document will now be displayed in the form of a preview picture in the upper right-hand corner.
Further files can now be uploaded if required or you can print out the document directly using the button "Drucken" (print).

Important: If uploaded files are not processed any further, any that are older than 24 hours will be deleted from the server, to ensure space is not used up unnecessarily.

Please select the CARD-ETHZ printer to continue.

On this page you have the possibility to make a few adjustments to the print job.

The standard setting is always double-sided print, black/white.

To continue click "OK".

In the upper area you will now see symbols showing the options which were selected for the print job.

Important: If you only want to print out one document, under "Dokumenten" (documents) select the desired document, otherwise all of the uploaded documents will be printed out using the parameters you defined beforehand.

To finish the process, click the button "Drucken und Schliessen" (print and close).

The print job has now been sent to the print server and can be printed out on any printers.

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