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Requests, failure reports and repairs

Please contact us via email or phone +41 44 632 77 77

Service Information and Update

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Service description


A wiki is a website. Its content can not only be read by users, but it can also be integrated within your web browser.

The goal of the program is to gain experience and knowledge and share documents in an format which all audiences can understand.

Wikis often use a simpler structuring language than HTML. Well-​known wikis are Wikipedia, MediaWiki, and Atlassian Confluence, which is used for the Wiki Hosting service.

Customer Benefits

We provide the wiki web which allows you, the customer to focus on the content. We assume all operation tasks such as, maintenance, regular backups, monitoring and support.

Customer Groups / Cost / Order

Wiki websites are free of charge for ETH employees and organisational units.

A wiki can be order via email at

Use is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy for Telematics Resources. Regarding content please refer to section 3, article 8bis. 

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