Selected seminar rooms are equipped with the lecture hall web conferencing integration (see Zoom Integration column).

The setups specified on this page also work with webconferencing solutions other than Zoom (e.g. Microsoft Teams or Google Meet).


For hybrid teaching in seminar rooms, various solutions are available for short term loan in the MMT-Shop (see setups below). For regular use, we recommend purchasing the appropriate devices.

In all solutions described here, Zoom runs on the lecturer's computer ("bring your own device", BYOD). Image and audio are played back via HDMI connection on the projector and speakers of the seminar room.


MMT-Shop Zentrum
MMT-Shop Hönggerberg

The devices available in the MMT-Shop enable hybrid setups in various forms. These range from simple web conferencing sets and 360° cameras for small rooms to more elaborate setups that enable better audio quality and more interaction. For further information, please contact lecture hall support MMT Zentrum or Hönggerberg (contacts see right).

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