Data Set Details View

To see the content of the data set the user will open Data Set Details View, that contains Data View section. If no reporting plugin has been configured as a default, the Smart View will preset the content of data set.

Smart View

If there is only one file / directory in a directory listing of selected data set, this directory will be drilled in without the need of user interaction. If, for example the data set consists only of one directory original/, the viewer will automatically navigate to it. If in original/ there is only one file original/dataset.tsv, then the content of this file will be shown. If, on the other hand, the directory original/ contains 2 files original/dataset1.tsv and original/dataset2.tsv, then the listing of directory original/ will be shown. That is: the viewer will automatically drill in as long as there is only one choice.

Smart View with Main Data Set

OpenBIS administrator can specify a main data set file pattern for each data set type. If the specified pattern resolves to exactly one file for given data set, then this file is shown as the main content of the data set and will be shown automatically as the "Smart View" of a data set.


To define main data set pattern for given data set type T, go to Data Set->Types->(select T)->Edit->Main Data Set Pattern. It can be defined as a regular expression (e.g. regex:.*\.png) or as a simplified regular expression (e.g. *.jpg). To make resolving main data set faster, Main Data Set Path can be defined. As a result, only files matching given path will be considered while looking for a main data set.

Main data set pattern may also be used by the the reporting plugins (like TSV Viewer), helping them decide which file should be used to create the report.

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