The source code of openBIS can be found in the SIS Git repository, available under the following LICENSE.

Mailing list

If you would like to receive information about new releases and openBIS events, please sign up to the openBIS mailing list.

Production Release

The current production release of openBIS is 20.10.3, released in March 2022.

openBIS production releases can also be deployed via Docker container.

Documentation 20.10

openBIS Documentation 20.10

For an overview about changes, see the Change Log.

Documentation 19.06

openBIS Documentation 19.06

For an overview about changes, see the Change Log.

Data Set Uploader

Download App with Java included (Mac Os X)

Download Jar only (All Platforms)

Software Download

openBIS ELN-LIMS Virtual Machine

For users who would like to test the openBIS ELN-LIMS platform without installing the software, we provide two Virtual Machines (VM) with openBIS ELN-LIMS already installed. The first has the ELN with default types, suitable for the life sciences. The second has a generic ELN version.

Download openBIS ELN-LIMS VM

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