To quickly set up a Virtual Machine (VM) with openBIS ELN-LIMS installed, you can follow the step-by-step instructions in this quickstart guide.
This setup serves as a demonstration and reference for running openBIS on Ubuntu Linux.

Download virtual appliance

openBIS ELN-LIMS v20.10.8 generic


openBIS ELN-LIMS v20.10.8 life sciences


openBIS ELN-LIMS v20.10.7 generic


openBIS ELN-LIMS v20.10.7 life sciences


Import OVA package

Downloaded file can be opened with VirtualBox (

Run Virtual Machine

To ensure optimal performance, we recommend using a host computer with a minimum of 4 CPU cores and 16 GB of RAM.
By default, the imported VM is configured with 2 CPU cores and 8192 MB of RAM.
However, it is advisable to increase these resources for better performance and to leverage the capabilities of your host machine.


When the VM is fully started, all the ELN server programs start automatically in background.
Welcome message is shown to the user and Firefox will open automatically with tab showing the openBIS ELN-LIMS login page.
Just login and start using the system.

Credentials for openBIS ELN-LIMS:
username: admin
password: openbis

Credentials for operating system on the VM:
username: vagrant
password: vagrant

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