This page describes on how to get Software on RDSnx.

How to get Adobe Software

Adobe software (Acrobat, Illustrator InDesign & Photoshop) is preinstalled on all RDSnx Servers. Since November 2019 a personal ETH Adobe license is required to use these programs. Your local IT support group can help with these if you don't already have one. 

All apps can be found in the start menu and require a log on when started for the first time.

How to get Software

Only a few applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat are installed locally on each RDS node. All other application are provided on-demand by subscribing to them from the Appstore, the application self-service kiosk:

  • Go to the Appstore ( and log in with your nETHZ account (this is not necessary on a windows PC when using Internet Explorer). This can be from done any computer prior to going to RDSsnx (doesn't have to be done on "RDSnx"). 
    You will need a VPN connection to ETH if you are outside the ETH network.
  • Search for the program you need, position your mouse cursor over the sign and check the Remote Desktop checkbox in the appearing dialog to subscribe to the app.
  • Always read the application info by placing your mouse cursor over 
  • Open your start menu and search for "Microsoft Virtualization Application Client" and start it

  • Within the client click the "Update" button.

  • After the update process is done you can find your app in your start menu

Repair an App

If you experience problems with an application, we will first ask you if you have attempted a „repair“.

If you need to repair one of the new App-​V 5 applications, please open the Microsoft Application Virtualization Client from the start menu.

To repair an application, switch to tab „virtual apps“ and select „repair“.

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